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MY (new) PEACE of jewelry

Really what I did was re-do an "old" necklace that I had originally made. It needed to be re-strung, and in the process I added a few more beads here and there to make it even more precious. I love it more! It's really colorful, yet understated as far as not being BRIGHT colorful, but it is Earthy colorful.

Black Rainbow Necklace 7-strand, black opaque seed beads and multi-color, multi-shaped beads Necklace length - 30" Weight - 4.9oz

Made some drop earrings too. Made a few of the earrings; 2 pairs in blue and black. The necklace does not really need a pair of earrings, but it's nice to have simple pair to wear with it.

The Quirky Stylista: Call Girl by Paul Shiakallis

The Quirky Stylista: Call Girl by Paul Shiakallis

Love this girl's blog. She has such a unique style. You should check it out. She seems so comfortable in her posing and styling.

DIY Mannequin How to make a WO-MANNEQUIN completed

Making a WO-MANNEQUIN takes a lot of time, but I love it. It's like a work of art. I finished my latest WO-MANNEQUIN! It's the Head n' Torso. With this particular one, I extended the neck so long earrings could be hooked on either side.

 If you ever viewed my post about
"how to make your own mannequin"
I veered from just using the form.
I added curves and angles that are not on the original form.
I love it!
 I feature it as sculpture in my apartment.
I get so many compliments, when people see it.
BUT! It is also great to display my necklaces
and hook or hoop earrings.
It is also great to display knitted items,
such as caps and scarves and also small to medium sized t-shirts.
WO-MANNEQUIN - Head n' Torso Measurements: Height - 28" Bust - 32" Waist - 25" Weight - 1 pound 5 ounces (extremely light!)

JEWELRY DISPLAY featuring MY PEACE of jewelry

Display T-shirts, scarves and hats

How I wear MY PEACE - Tone in Tune

Here I am wearing MY PEACE of jewelry.

Monday through Friday, when I am walking to work, I walk pass this red wall-   It's an In n' Out Burger restaurant. I was able to take a few shots  before the security man came over and said I was not able to photograph  on the premises without management permission. I was shocked! 
It was 10 in the morning  and I was in the frickin' alley!

Back to MY PEACE of jewelry. 

I am wearing my 3-strand Olive Wood bead necklace.   I like making wearable statement necklaces.  I make PEACEs that fit any attire. MY PEACE of jewelry can be worn with a fancy dress  or paired with jeans and t-shirt. I've seen a few ladies wearing my necklaces and they look so cool how they fit the PEACEs to their fashion sense.
When I dress, I think about being relax,comfortable and colorful but pulled together. My attire is sporty bohemian comfort. I commute to work by bike.

How I wear MY PEACE of jewelry

Weather still a little iffy in Southern California. One day it's sunny, the next it was raining cats and dogs. This particular day, the sun was out but a little chilly. Wore my go-to outfit - jeans and t-shirt.

Paired MY PEACE of jewelry Necklace with it.
MY PEACE of jewelry - African Trade Bead EARTH necklace

I really love this necklace because it can be paired with any color combination.

MY PEACE at lunch

Having a full-time job and teaching Spinning classes 5 times a week, plus yoga does not give me a lot of time to making MY PEACE of jewelry JEWELRY and WO-MANNEQUINs. So what do I do? I make MY PEACEs on my lunch break as well as take photos.

To save money and eat healthier, what I do is at the beginning of the week
I purchase a pre-cooked baked chicken and raw veggies. Then everyday, I warm up two chicken pieces, mix a salad, then go somewhere outside (especially on a beautiful sunny day) and eat lunch.
Once I finish lunch, I will pull out my jewelry box.

and start stringing something; usually it's earrings. I save making the necklaces, cuffs and mannequins for home

Made these cute earrings

Olive Wood Earrings

MY (new) PEACE

It's not really a new piece. I revised an "old" piece. I really do like MY PEACEs, but sometimes I will look at one and think
I can make it better. That is what I did here.
I already had someone at work who wanted to buy it, but I said no because I've made this one so far. I won't sell a piece, until I have made two similar pieces. That was a year ago! I periodically run into her at work and she will ask "Where's my necklace?!?" I tell her I will be making it soon. So what do I do?!? Instead of making her necklace, I revised the one I had already made. The stringing was loose, so I re-did it, and ended up replacing certain beads in the back. I like it better.

Also, I made some earrings to match. The Earrings are a "drop" style.  Basically, these are earrings that "drop" just below the earlobe.  The earrings are oval Olive Wood beads accented with oval brass beads; 
same beads used for the 3 strands of the necklace.

Olive Wood Multi-str…