How I wear MY PEACE - Tone in Tune

Here I am wearing MY PEACE of jewelry.

Monday through Friday, when I am walking to work, I walk pass this red wall-  
It's an In n' Out Burger restaurant. I was able to take a few shots 
before the security man came over and said I was not able to photograph 
on the premises without management permission. I was shocked! 
It was 10 in the morning 
and I was in the frickin' alley!

Back to MY PEACE of jewelry. 

I am wearing my 3-strand Olive Wood bead necklace. 
 I like making wearable statement necklaces. 
I make PEACEs that fit any attire. MY PEACE of jewelry can be worn with a fancy dress 
or paired with jeans and t-shirt. I've seen a few ladies wearing my necklaces and they look so cool how they fit the PEACEs to their fashion sense.

When I dress, I think about being relax,comfortable and colorful but pulled together.
 My attire is sporty bohemian comfort.
I commute to work by bike.

Olive Wood Bead Necklace on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry and Mannequins


  1. Looks like you are in love of homemade jewelries. It suits you very well too. You are looking awesome in these pictures. I would like to see you in some gold jewelries too. Gold have got it's own beauty and it reflects something very special. Or if you have decided to give up your golds, come and check out the best place to sell gold.


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