MY PEACE at lunch

Having a full-time job and teaching Spinning classes 5 times a week, plus yoga
does not give me a lot of time to making MY PEACE of jewelry
So what do I do? I make MY PEACEs on my lunch break as well as take photos.

To save money and eat healthier, what I do is at the beginning of the week
I purchase a pre-cooked baked chicken and raw veggies.
Then everyday, I warm up two chicken pieces, mix a salad,
then go somewhere outside (especially on a beautiful sunny day) and eat lunch.

Once I finish lunch, I will pull out my jewelry box.

and start stringing something; usually it's earrings.
I save making the necklaces, cuffs and mannequins for home

Made these cute earrings

Olive Wood Earrings

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy


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