DIY Mannequin How to make a WO-MANNEQUIN completed

Making a WO-MANNEQUIN takes a lot of time, but I love it.
It's like a work of art.
I finished my latest WO-MANNEQUIN!
It's the Head n' Torso.
With this particular one, I extended the neck so long earrings
could be hooked on either side.


 If you ever viewed my post about
"how to make your own mannequin"
I veered from just using the form.
I added curves and angles that are not on the original form.
I love it!
 I feature it as sculpture in my apartment.
I get so many compliments, when people see it.
BUT! It is also great to display my necklaces
and hook or hoop earrings.
It is also great to display knitted items,
such as caps and scarves and also small to medium sized t-shirts.
WO-MANNEQUIN - Head n' Torso
Height - 28"
Bust - 32"
Waist - 25"
Weight - 1 pound 5 ounces (extremely light!)


Display T-shirts, scarves and hats


  1. Oh, these are so very cool. I remember years ago making a craft paper custom dress form for sewing. I love the idea of these for jewelry and display.

    Sue xo

    1. Thank you, Sue. It does not cost a lot, but they do take many hours to make and perfect. I could not find anything out there to display my jewelry, so I figured I'd make my own, which has taken off to selling quite a few. :) Who knew?!


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