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WO-MANNEQUIN - Head n Torso

I recently posted on Etsy this WO-MANNEQUIN that I made out of paper bags and wallpaper paste using the paper mache' technique. It requires much patience. Since I can only post 5 photos on Etsy, I am posting the rest of the pics here, showing how the WO-MANNEQUIN can be used to display necklaces, earrings, hats, scarves and t-shirts. You can display a LONG earring from either profile, It accommodates hook earrings only.

This WO-MANNEQUIN is awesome and is great for displaying everything!


DISPLAY - Necklace and Earrings Set

DISPLAY - Earrings

DISPLAY - Chandelier earring - right profile



My latest PEACE led me to research the word INLAY. I am not a bead aficianado. I learn about the beads as I make my PEACEs. The pendant featured in this PEACE is really interesting. I wanted to know what is it called and where is it from and how was it made. I proceeded to search online at work (I don't have a computer at home) for similar pendants. Having left the PEACE at home, I was not sure where the pendant was made but I assumed it was either Africa or Tibet, so I used keywords in the Google search like "African round pendant", "Tibetan round pendant", "African Turquoise", "green stone pendant", "green Turquoise". Guess what? When I got home I looked at the back of the pendant, and stamped on the back was the word "INDIA". Anyway, what it is, is a Tibetan Turquoise Mosaic Pendant INLAY with brass metal backing. Now that I knew what the pendant is, I needed to know what INLAY meant. That was my next Google search. Wh…

PHOTOGRAPHY IS HARD!!!!! Agggghhhhhh

Ok. I am embarrassed to do this but I am going to do it ANYWAY, because being a jewelry designer is not all fun, games and glamour. I LOVE making my PEACEs, but I am also marketing AND selling my own PEACEs. Part of marketing, consists of taking photos. I am not a photographer and I think my pics reflect this point very well. Taking good photos is hard. Do photos really make a difference? I think so. I am learning as I go along. Anyway, I am at a quandry as to whether I should model my own PEACEs or only shoot them on my Mannequins. So far I have preferred the photos with my PEACEs on Mannequins. Here, I am posting the REJECTED-PHOTOS. If you notice the photo feature me as the "model". Ugghhhh!!! Let me make this clear, I don't expect anyone to buy my PEACEs based on these photos. I am just showing what I've done. I respect models so much more now, because you have to be relaxed in front of the camera. I am not relaxed and I look stiff. Anyway, here are the pics. I sta…