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My Dad is a Cool MAN

Lately, I have been spending the weekends at my parents' house due to an illness in the family. To pass the time, I will bring my beads and/or mannequins to work on. Other times I will bring my PEACEs to photograph. Well, last weekend, I brought PEACEs to photograph on me. I figured, there is lots of light during the day, the backyard has pretty areas to shoot and there is a timer on the camera. I learned a few things. One, don't shoot when the sun is high overhead because photos become washed out, too bright or what is called a blowout. See my pics below, which show exactly overexposure shooting under the "wrong" conditions.

The above photos were taken at the end of a "photo session", my father was gracious to volunteer his services. This is where the cool guy part comes in. My dad is not a photographer nor is he interested in jewelry. But! He is interested in me achieving my goals. In this case, sell my jewelry. He offered to take photos of me wearing my …

How I would wear...

I am going to start posting once a week, how I would wear MY PEACE of JEWELRY because it's always nice to see how a PEACE looks on someone. Also, I photograph my PEACEs on friends, family and strangers to show how my PEACEs can be worn. There is no wrong way or right way, just your way.
Please remember, I am not a great photographer. I am still learning how to use all the different options. Here it goes. I am starting with this necklace. It's a 2-strand necklace consisting of big oval wood beads accented with two big round glass Turquoise colored beads.

Taken July 20, 2010


My latest PEACE -

My latest PEACE that I made inspired me to research Turquoise, specifically STABILIZED TURQUOISE. As for the PEACE, it's a bib-style necklace that I made out of Antiqued Copper Link Chain, 5 FAT Oval Turquoise beads measuring 30mm x 23mm each, with each bead accented with a little round brass bead at the top and bottom, ending with 5 Tiger Ebony Wood Teardrop beads of various grains but each measuring the same at 18mm(w)x28mm(h)x8mm(d)
Now back to STABILIZED TURQUOISE. What is it? I did not know when I bought these beads online. I bought them because I liked them. When they arrived and I opened the package, I said "what the hell am I going to do with these beads? They're too big!" They sat around for awhile until I got the idea to make this PEACEabove. When it came to post MY PEACE on ETSY, I started researching the beads, in order to offer a good description of MY PEACE. I went back to the website that I bought the beads and they were described as such

Stone Beads - …