MY (new) PEACE

It's not really a new piece. I revised an "old" piece.
I really do like MY PEACEs, but sometimes I will look at one and think
I can make it better. That is what I did here.
I already had someone at work who wanted to buy it,
but I said no because I've made this one so far.
I won't sell a piece, until I have made two similar pieces. That was a year ago!
I periodically run into her at work and she will ask "Where's my necklace?!?"
I tell her I will be making it soon. So what do I do?!?
Instead of making her necklace, I revised the one I had already made.
The stringing was loose, so I re-did it,
and ended up replacing certain beads in the back.
I like it better.

Also, I made some earrings to match. The Earrings are a "drop" style. 
Basically, these are earrings that "drop" just below the earlobe. 
The earrings are oval Olive Wood beads accented with oval brass beads; 
same beads used for the 3 strands of the necklace.

Me displaying MY PEACE of jewelry Necklace

Handmade Jewelry and Mannequins


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