MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Statement Olive Wood Bead Necklace & My Outfit

The post before this one 
I introduced MY (new) PEACE of jewelry
Well, today I'm showing how I would wear
MY (new) PEACE of jewelry

I Kept It Simply Simple

v-neck shirt - Brandy & Melville
white ankle jeans - Levi's
beige booties - Urban Outfitters

Even though I've kept it simple with My Outfit, 
adds a complementing visual interest.

Olive Wood Statement Necklace available on Etsy
with matching earrings

I wore necklace with my hoop earrings

Statement Necklace works well in dressing up a casual outfit

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

It's Monday don't forget to check the LADIES
at Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday
nor overseas at


  1. Hallo Zalina,
    das Olivenholz hat wirklich eine wunderschöne Maserung, jede Perle ist ein Kunstwerk für sich.
    Super gefällt mir Dein lässiges Outfit, besonders die hellgrauen Stiefel mag ich sehr. Ist es denn schon kühl genug für Stiefel? Wir haben gerade große Hitze, ich trage nur Flipflops und Sandalen.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

    1. Danke, Sabine. Hierher ist das Wetter sehr kuehl. Heute trage ich Stiefel! In letzter Zeit ist Los Angeles nicht so warm und sonnig. :(

  2. Your new necklace is really special, I love the smooth beads. And you look is indeed simple and stunning. Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday, Zalina!

  3. Great ensemble and necklace! The necklace is fabulous!!!!

  4. Beautiful necklace beautifully made ;-)


  5. I love that top you are wearing. Such a pretty necklace also.

  6. So beautiful, you in your simple outfit with your lovely necklace. Is the stripe in your little sweater a darkish-blue? So elegant with the soft gold-tan beads.
    The camera loves you, Zalina!


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