How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Anchor Away!

I like striped shirts.

Especially that has a shirttail that can "hide" my butt

I guess this t-shirt is not doing a good job of hiding my butt.
I'm no different from most women, when it comes to being sensitive about a particular area of the body.
Mine is my butt and legs. Ughhhh!!!!

Anyway, I like striped t-shirts.
This one here from Urban Outfitters

Also, from Urban Outfitters are the red super flared jeans.

I wore MY PEACE of jewelry with My Outfit.

Necklace - Brass Paddle Charms hanging from multi chains on Etsy
Cuff - handstamped with 'practice gratitude' on Etsy

CUFFs on Etsy
Necklaces on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

Don't forget to check out the lovely ladies at Not Dead Yet Style

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and over in Germany

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  1. I love striped tops too, all year round. This one looks great with your red jeans and of course your Peace of Jewelry, always the best. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday.

  2. Hallo Zalina,
    Du brauchst Dich über Deine Figur nicht zu beklagen. Du bist groß und schlank und hast eine schöne weibiche Figur. Ich sehe nichts, was mir nicht gefällt.
    Das Streifen-T-Shirt mag ich sehr, ich liebe Streifen!
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

  3. I like the stripes with the red flares! And you look great - in shape, in proportion. I don't like my butt either, but I don't have to look at it.

    1. Thank you, Val. Yes, we all have our "thing".

  4. You can't rely on your own judgement on your butt and legs. Ask someone else how they look ... you look enviably curvy and fit at the same time, and that's hard to do. Just make sure your skirt isn't tucked into your waistband, and ignore any other self criticism. Yes we all do it, and reality checking is a good thing, but you really do look dandy.
    Looking pretty, BTW ... fun to see you without the sunnies, although you look so good in them! Lovely jewelry as usual ... hope you have a great, prosperous and happy week.

  5. an dir ist alles wunderschön:) von vorn und von hinten:) und dein heutiges outfit mit dem schmuck ist auch wieder wunderbar! danke für dein mixit!
    xxxx birgit

  6. So glad I found you and your Etsy shop! I'm browsing your shop right now as I type.
    Your apartment looks so incredibly decorated, can I come over and hang out? ;)

    1. Hi Joni:

      I've been away a few days, but it was a welcome to come back to your post. Thanks so much for your purchase of MY PEACE of jewelry.

      You are more than welcome to come to my place. I have to be honest, I just recently (in the last year) decorated it so I could have my friends over for music, tv and/or hanging out. I will post more before/after photos.


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