Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting started...

I've been making or stringing beads together for years. I am not exactly sure how I started making jewelry. Oh yeah! I got started because I've always collected beads. I liked going to bead shops and bought beads that appealed to me then would place in empty pickle jars and store them on my shelfs at home. After a while I had so many beads that I needed to do something with them, which was the obvious - make jewelry. I bought some how-to books and that is how I got started. A few years back, friend of mine, who worked at Fox, encouraged me to let her sell my stuff at their Xmas bazaar. I was pleasantly surprised - I sold quite a few items. My friend was so cool. Here is a photo of the display table that she put together.

Since then, I have never actually tried to sell my jewelry. But now I want to start. I created a catalog and the name of my jewelry line is MY PEACE of JEWELRY - pretty catchy. I don't have a website. It's too expensive and there are so many websites now that it's all about MARKETING, MARKETING and more MARKETING to drive people to your site. So I am starting out the old fashion way, which is sell to family and friends and go from there.

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