MY (latest) PEACE of JEWELRY

I finished MY PEACE a few weeks ago, but just got around to posting some pics. I love it! But I got to be honest, what the hell can I wear with it? My dilema is I like making MY PEACEs and looking at MY PEACEs, but I am at a lost when it comes to fitting with my dress style. I hope MY PEACE finds a nice home.

Chain Chain Chain on Etsy


  1. Are you kidding? You can wear a crew T-shirt with this! Brown would be the perfect color.. but white, black equally as well.
    Wear one of your jackets.. jeans, and you are set!!

    Let this "peace" be your statement.. leave the earrings, etc. off..

  2. Thanks FunnyBunny. I am going to try it and post. Come back and let me know whatcha think. PEACE


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