My Dad is a Cool MAN

Lately, I have been spending the weekends at my parents' house due to an illness in the family. To pass the time, I will bring my beads and/or mannequins to work on. Other times I will bring my PEACEs to photograph. Well, last weekend, I brought PEACEs to photograph on me. I figured, there is lots of light during the day, the backyard has pretty areas to shoot and there is a timer on the camera. I learned a few things. One, don't shoot when the sun is high overhead because photos become washed out, too bright or what is called a blowout. See my pics below, which show exactly overexposure shooting under the "wrong" conditions.

The above photos were taken at the end of a "photo session", my father was gracious to volunteer his services. This is where the cool guy part comes in. My dad is not a photographer nor is he interested in jewelry. But! He is interested in me achieving my goals. In this case, sell my jewelry. He offered to take photos of me wearing my PEACEs. He was set designer, director and photographer all rolled into one. So cute! Here are the pics

I was confused, as to what he was asking me to do.

Even though the pics are not the best, it was fun spending time with my dad. He got so into it that he struck a pose, to show me how I should elongate my neck.



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