My latest PEACE -

My latest PEACE that I made inspired me to research Turquoise, specifically STABILIZED TURQUOISE. As for the PEACE, it's a bib-style necklace that I made out of Antiqued Copper Link Chain, 5 FAT Oval Turquoise beads measuring 30mm x 23mm each, with each bead accented with a little round brass bead at the top and bottom, ending with 5 Tiger Ebony Wood Teardrop beads of various grains but each measuring the same at 18mm(w)x28mm(h)x8mm(d)
Now back to STABILIZED TURQUOISE. What is it? I did not know when I bought these beads online. I bought them because I liked them. When they arrived and I opened the package, I said "what the hell am I going to do with these beads? They're too big!" They sat around for awhile until I got the idea to make this PEACE above. When it came to post MY PEACE on ETSY, I started researching the beads, in order to offer a good description of MY PEACE. I went back to the website that I bought the beads and they were described as such

Stone Beads - 23 x 30 mm Fat Oval Stabilized turquoise. Some variation in colour. Fat enough to almost be round in cross-section. You could go for the Flintstones look with these! 23mm x 30mm x 20mm Hole is lengthwise.

The words that caught my attention were Stabilized turquoise because I did not know what that meant. I love BEADS but I am no Beadiologist! Is that even a word? I don't know and don't care. I buy BEADS because of how they look and how they make me feel not based on quality. If I like a BEAD or BEADS, then I buy them.

Anyway, back to what STABILIZED TURQUOISE means. It means how the turquoise was "treated". Most turquoise is treated in some way. Natural untreated turquoise is rare, as only three precent of the turquoise sold in the world is mined and sold without anything being added to it. STABILIZED TURQUOISE is created by adding a clear resin to chalk to turquoise to help enhance the color, and as well as increase the hardness of the stone. Since turquoise is a very porous substance, the resin fills in the tiny holes and crevices to form a firm stabilized turquoise stone. Natural turquoise changes color the more it is worn as it reacts with the oils in the skin. STABILIZED TURQUOISE, stabilizes, or keeps, the color of the stone the same, no matter how much it is worn next to the skin. STABILIZED TURQUOISE costs less than natural turquoise, but is still considered beautiful and desirable.

Here are some more pics of MY PEACE. I must say that I really, really and really liked how it turned out. I think it would go well with a T-shirt that has the following necklines: crew, scoop and boat. Also, would go well with a stunningly simple strapless dress.



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