My latest PEACE led me to research the word INLAY. I am not a bead aficianado. I learn about the beads as I make my PEACEs. The pendant featured in this PEACE is really interesting. I wanted to know what is it called and where is it from and how was it made. I proceeded to search online at work (I don't have a computer at home) for similar pendants. Having left the PEACE at home, I was not sure where the pendant was made but I assumed it was either Africa or Tibet, so I used keywords in the Google search like "African round pendant", "Tibetan round pendant", "African Turquoise", "green stone pendant", "green Turquoise". Guess what? When I got home I looked at the back of the pendant, and stamped on the back was the word "INDIA". Anyway, what it is, is a Tibetan Turquoise Mosaic Pendant INLAY with brass metal backing. Now that I knew what the pendant is, I needed to know what INLAY meant. That was my next Google search. What is INLAY? It's easier to show you than explain, but basically it is a time-honored tradition practiced by Native Americans and Tibetans where they set pieces like puzzle pieces that is carried on today using machines. I could not find any videos online of the "time-honored" handmade technique , but I did find one of how it's done today. The video is below.
Below are a few pendants that feature gemstone INLAY.
It's sort of like tiling.
You know how you would tile a shower wall but a little bit more intricate.

This beautiful pendant all
Sterling Silver Body, is inlaid with Turquoise, Lapis Luzuli, Red
Corral and what looks like sugelite, and Crazy Horse Jasper made by Native American Calvin Deson (

Tibetan Om with turquoise and and lapis inlay with sterling silver backing. (
Large Teardrop Inlaid Mosaic Turquoise, Lapis, Jet and Multi-Stone Earrings on Wire

Sterling silver pendant inlaid with Australian opal, chrysoprase, spiderweb turquoise and sugilite by Mark Hileman

Instruction video - INLAY technique



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