PHOTOGRAPHY IS HARD!!!!! Agggghhhhhh

Ok. I am embarrassed to do this but I am going to do it ANYWAY, because being a jewelry designer is not all fun, games and glamour.
I LOVE making my PEACEs,
but I am also marketing AND selling my own PEACEs.
Part of marketing, consists of taking photos.
I am not a photographer and I think my pics reflect this point very well.
Taking good photos is hard.
Do photos really make a difference?
I think so.
I am learning as I go along.
Anyway, I am at a quandry as to whether I should model my own PEACEs
or only shoot them on my Mannequins.
So far I have preferred the photos with my PEACEs on Mannequins.
Here, I am posting the REJECTED-PHOTOS. If you notice the photo feature me as the "model". Ugghhhh!!!
Let me make this clear, I don't expect anyone to buy my PEACEs based on these photos.
I am just showing what I've done.
I respect models so much more now, because you have to be relaxed in front of the camera.
I am not relaxed and I look stiff.
Anyway, here are the pics. I start with two that I kind of like,
then it's all down hill.
I used a self-timer.
The camera is an old Canon digital camera.

Please don't laugh!

I must say I like my profile the best but the photos below are just WRONG!

Make sure your back ground is clutter-free

Besides the photo being overexposed, make sure your face is blemish free

What the hell am I looking at!!!!????!!!

Is it best to look down?

Is it best to look to the side?

Or, is it best to look straight into the camera?

You think I would have taken the time to make sure the necklace laid straight.
Also it looks like I have on only one earring. Again with the background.

I was trying to stand up straight,
but all I ended up achieving is sticking my chest out TOO much
I don't know if the lean was a good idea, either

For me this is bad angle to take a photo, smile is yuck, head tilt is wierd,
looked stiff, bad hair style...I could go on but I won't

To cross my arms or not to cross my arms
Look away from the camera or look straight into the camera
I'm not sure which is better

Cluttered background. My shirt is half off.
This is a Hot Mess!

When taking a photo, you gotta consider the background. I cropped the photo and still have my clothes and battery cord in the picture. - OOPS! Also I could use some lotion on the hands.

I just look miserable! I am supposed to be happy to be wearing MY PEACEs.

(I like my teeth - they're pretty white)
I don't know what to do

CHAPSTICK, please!

Again, with the wierd head tilt! Also, it's too dark



  1. Z! Don't be so hard on yourself! I think you were focused more on TAKING the pictures than BEING photographed. A little practice and you will get the hang of it. And then you will look as stunning in every shot as you do in real life!

    - Karen B.

  2. Lovin' your aesthetic, sistah! Fabulous! I'd love to use some pieces for my presentation during NY Fashion Week in September. How can we make that happen? Please email me at

    Peace & Fashion!


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