MY PEACE of jewelry - QUOTES

Forgiveness is a funny thing
It warms the heart
and cools the sting -
p r a c t i c e   f o r g i v e n e s s
MY PEACE of jewelry hand stamped CUFF/Bracelet 
available on Etsy


  1. Lovely thought. Lovely bracelet.
    Although, of all the virtues I've always had the most trouble understanding forgiveness. Sounds great, but so hard to do. Like a lot of valuable skills, practice is necessary, so why shouldn't this most important of life-habits? Good idea ... PRACTICE being the key word to make the idea work. Brilliant you.

    1. I know, Jan. It's hard, but you have to remember you are forgiving in order to get rid of that nasty, negativity you hold in your heart and makes you feel heavy. Putting too much weight in what a person has done to you, says that you giving them the power to control your mood, your present and your future. It's not worth it. It's best to forgive, which means you have released the power that person has over you.


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