How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Draping Chain Earrings

My Outfit with MY PEACE of jewelry

I know some parts of the US is dealing with some pretty severe weather.
Not Los Angeles.
Last week was pretty hot.
Usually, I don't take my photographs directly in the sun,
but I did not have time last week to go to the 
Botanical Gardens.
Therefore, I could not get a clear picture of 
MY PEACE of jewelry,
which are these earrings 

I made these earrings using repurposed chain, brass and copper wire.
Available on Etsy
I made a few pair of these earrings. Go to my Etsy store to view

Since I did not achieve taking a good photo of me wearing the earrings,
I'm going to concentrate on my shoes, which I got some good photos
and I love these shoes.

These are wingtips.
They're actually men's shoes

Why do I love these shoes?
Because they are comfortable classics that add a twist to a casual outfit.
My Outfit
denim shirt - Levi's
cropped textured pants - Banana Republic

I believe the keys to wearing wingtips and not looking masculine
are pairing with cropped or tapered ankle pants
and letting your ankles be on display

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins available on Etsy

It's Monday
It's time to view the fashionable ladies
at DC in Style Monday Bloom


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