MY PEACE of jewelry for MEN - African Brass Ring Necklaces

If you've stopped by my blog in the past, you know that I am a jewelry designer,
who mainly design jewelry that appeals to WOMEN
Why, I make only for Women?
Well, to be honest, I can't wrap my head around making a piece of jewelry
that would appeal to MEN. 
I realized, I have a few pieces in my collection that would look great on 
These African Brass Ring Necklaces

My brother, Jamal is "modelling" MY PEACE of jewelry

Personally, jewelry on MEN is a hit or miss.
For me, for it to be a hit, it can't be gaudy, effeminate, cheesy, big or obvious.
For me, a man should wear the jewelry and
not the jewelry wear the man
It's obvious when a "man" is trying too hard to look like a "cool", "trendy", "fashionista".

So with that in mind, I think my
African Brass Ring Necklaces are perfect.
Standard Necklace Length for MEN

MY PEACE of jewelry - African Brass Ring Necklace Lengths
short chain - 20" on Etsy
long chain - 30" on Etsy

Each necklace looks good on Men & Women
MY PEACE of jewelry - Unisex piece

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins available on Etsy

It's Monday
Don't forget to check out the ladies at
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  1. Yes, I agree with you on the men + excess jewelry theory. Personally, I prefer just a few bracelets on guys. But i do like that necklace.

  2. agree! and i'm not cool with a dude wearing more accessories than me! love this necklace and the takes with your brother ... the two of you look like you would be a riot to hang out with! all the best in the new year pretty lady ... keep creating and sharing your talent + passion with others.

  3. Hallo Zalina,
    diese Kette steht Euch beiden gut. Ich mag schlichten Schmuck an Männern. Du und Dein Bruder Ihr schaut gut aus!
    Gruß aus Germany

  4. Liebe Zalina,

    wunderschöne Fotos, superschöner Schmuck! :)
    Wie man auf den Fotos sehen kann, hattet ihr 2 viel Spaß und das ist schon mal unbezahlbar.

    Ganz viele liebe Grüße (auch an deinen Bruder ;)

    Dana :)

  5. Liebe Zalina!
    Für das neue Jahr noch viele neue Ideen und Gesundheit.
    Schöne Fotos Du und dein Bruder.Ihr beiden ganz lustig,da schaut man gern hin,wunderbar.
    Herzliche Grüße Annette


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