How I Wear MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Turquoise Heishi Necklace

Just finished MY (new) PEACE of jewelry

Necklace featuring Green Turquoise Heishi disc beads
hanging from brass Rolo Chain

Hangs mid-chest
Here I'm wearing it alone

but I like layering with MY (other) PEACE of jewelry
brass African Mask Necklace

I can't say much about it
sweater - Target
camo jeans - Urban Outfitters
cardigan - Urban Outfitters
ankle boots - thrifted
leather purse - thrifted

Oh yeah! Camo jeans on sale for 10 bucks.

Anyway, my blog is about MY PEACE of jewelry
I just finished this necklace.
Available on Etsy

I wore

African Mask Necklace on Etsy
hand stamped 'p r a c t i c e   l o v e' CUFF/Bracelet on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins available on Etsy

It's the beginning of the week 
check out the bloggers's lovely real fashion for the week at
DC Style's Monday Bloom
Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday#122


  1. Talk about a tiny touch that transforms camo from masculine to feminine in a flash! Brilliant idea. That little pieces carries some magical punch on neutrals. Like so many of your items!

  2. I like the color in this necklace and it layers beautifully with all of your pieces!

    blue hue wonderland

  3. I like chunky necklaces! They make statement :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE


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