How I Wear MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Olive Wood Bead Necklace - Part 3

Last week,
it was cold!
Okay, it was CALIFORNIA cold
Approximately, 50 degrees and windy
I took a few photos without a jacket
but as you can tell
I was cold

Having recently made this Necklace,

last week, I wore the necklace almost everyday.
I took these photos in the middle of the afternoon and it was COLD!

Even though, I'm trying to highlight MY PEACE of jewelry,

Mostly, I kept the jacket on.
v-neck cropped sweater - Brandy & Melville
camo jacket - thrifted

skinny jeans - Levi's

men's desert boots - thrifted

Necklace - Olive Wood Bead Necklace
See prior post for Necklace details

Necklace & earrings available on Etsy

Necklace can be worn with most necklines
Here v-neck & scoop

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

Have a great week!
Stay warm
Hopefully it is not super cold where you are

It's that time to check out the ladies at
Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday #119


  1. Hallo Zalina,
    gibt es tatsächlich so etwas wie Winter auch in California! Wie gut, dass Du mit dieser warmen Jacke versorgt bist. Sie passt gut zu Deinem Stil und ich mag sie, wie auch die V-Ausschnitt--Pullis. Genau die richtigen, um Deine wunderschöne Kette zu präsentieren. Das Olivenholz hat eine fantastische Maserung.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine aus dem kalten Deutschland

    1. Ja, wir haben im California Winter! Heute hat es geregnet. Unsere Winterwetter vergleicht nicht mit Deutschlands Winter. Es gibt kein Schnee in California.

  2. I thrifted a similar coat on a trip up to San Fran last weekend...$8 score! That necklace is the layers!

    1. Way to score! Another place to obtain this coat on the cheap is at a military store.

  3. Don't worry ... you can't ignore your beautiful necklace and earrings. Of all the ways to show it, your own pretty face is the best topper for all of your pieces. Although ... your handmade "lady-kins" are wonderful as well.
    Your coat collar framed it well, so no need to be chilly!


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