MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Olive Wood Bead Necklace

It's MY (new) PEACE of jewelry

Olive Wood Bead Choker Necklace

Just finished this necklace last week.
Love it!
A couple of weeks ago, I sold a similar necklace and knew I had to make another one, quick!
Why? Because it's a beautiful necklace

What I find beautiful are the natural Olive Wood beads.
No two beads are alike, they are natural and rustic.

The Olive Wood Beads are made from the wood of olive trees. Every year the olive trees of Bethlehem are pruned so that they bear fruit, which is an essential process that allows a new and healthier growth for the trees and to generate stability in the environment. These beads are the result of the pruning. Beautiful!

These beautiful beads are made from these trimmings. They are very rustic and earthy beads, No two beads are alike due to the various grainage.

My Outfit
It's pretty simple. Living in Southern Calfornia, we don't get the extreme weather
It's cold! 50 to 65 degrees. I know, I am a WIMP, when it comes to cold weather.
But anyway,
I pair the necklace with a v-neck sweater, I recently purchased from Target
and a pair of pleather pants I bought from Urban Outfitters for $10
and my boots are men's ankle cowboy boots that I bought from a thrift store

I made a set of earrings too
Olive Wood Bead Drop Earrings

There you have it, MY (new) PEACE of jewelry
If you look closely enough, you see my bicycle in the background

Available on Etsy

Handmade Mannequins & Jewelry on Etsy
How's the weather in your city?

It's Monday, don't forget to check out the Ladies at
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  1. Gorgeous necklace Zalina. And I love your boots!!!

  2. Zalina,

    I love all your work!! This necklace is bomb!! Love it!!

    p.s. your skin is gorgeous!!


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