How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Statement Necklace

Featuring my handmade Statement Necklace 
repurposing various type of link chain

I had to attend a luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel 
wore MY PEACE of jewelry
Commuting by bike I wore something comfortable.
Black stretch trousers
Yellow blouse
*Note the rolled-up pant legs is due to riding my bike
and not wanting to get my pants caught in the chain.

In case you are wondering where I took these photos
It's Wilshire Blvd, across from LACMA
While riding down Wilshire Blvd, I saw this
The Berlin Wall
well it's part of the Berlin Wall

Challenged to combine various beads and chain,
I made this ethnic looking Statement Necklace
Curb chain - repurposed
Rolo chain
round faux pearls
lucite oval beads
foreign coin

Matching drop earrings
One pair - round faux pearls
Other pair - oval lucite beads

Available on Etsy

Making my own jewelry is the easy part, but matching with my style is the tough part.
Tomboy with a statement necklace.
Do you find it challenging to match certain jewelry with your style?

It's Monday
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  1. Another gorgeous necklace Zalina. You are so talented girl!!! No I don't find it hard, but I do it the other way round, I add the jewelry to my outfit, I don't style around the jewelry. But I see your difficulties here. Probably would have the same come to think of it. But I must say you look gorgeous and your did a fine job with the outfit because it really compliments that awesome necklace.

  2. This may be my favorite necklace yet! I love the different tiered repurposed chains and the coin.
    I would love more jewelry that doesn't catch in my knits during the Winter or lace during the Summer.


  3. What a gorgeous necklace, Zalina. And I do recognize the rolled-leg fashion, as I love to ride my bike with purpose, too! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. Ein großartiger Hintergrund für Deine Bilder ist Eure Berliner-Mauer. Obwohl ich weit im Süden von Deutschland wohne, fühle ich mich ein wenig wie eine Berlinerin, weil ich die Stadt so mag und so oft wie möglich dort sein möchte.
    Es gelingt Dir gut, die Kleidung zum Schmuck auszusuchen. Die klassische Bluse, so hochgeschlossen getragen, betont Deine wunderschöne Halskette.
    Lieben Gruß

    1. Danke, Sabine. Ich bin nie nach Deutschland gewesen. Ich wuerde Deutschland besuchen. Ich habe gehoert, ist es eine schoene Stadt.

  5. Layered necklace is HOT! I love them looking so vintage!


  6. Beverly-Wiltshire? Is it as cool a place as it used to be? (As I write that, I realize I'm thinking about when I last saw it ... early 70s .... you weren't even born yet!) Hope you had a great time.
    Looking casually polished, our Zalina. You bring up a great point about jewelry and complementary outfits. It's hard sometimes to work statement pieces (and what pieces don't make a statement of "some" kind? ) with prints. I'm late to the trend as usual, but I'm loving big necklaces and chains right now. Good that I wear solids a lot, I see. Your pretty cream (yellow?) blouse works a treat. Very cool looking with your necklace. It polishes up a very casual look pretty fast! Brilliant lady!


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