How I Wear MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - Same Necklace different Neckline Pt 4

My Outfit
Wore MY (new) PEACE Olive Wood Bead Necklace all last week
Here I'm paired with my
broken-in, over-sized, holy Levi jeans
and buttoned-up olive green blouse

Not much to say about
My Outfit
(there's never much to say)
Last week,
my goal was to wear the necklace 
with a variety of necklines
Here, I'm wearing  with a buttoned-up neckline

It works,

also with a deep scoop neckline 
and v-neckline

My Outfit
If I had just worn the jeans and blouse, I'd only look sloppy
but with 
I look sloppy with pretty jewelry on!

Necklace available on Etsy

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy


  1. Your jewelry is beautiful, earthy and elegant at the same time. I love how you wore this piece with different outfits. It shows the versatility. Love the sunglasses too.

    Have a great weekend. XXOO


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