How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Asymmetrical Wrap Cardigan

Asymmetrical Wrap Cardigan
It's asymmetrical in the front with these extra long flaps in the front

Living in Los Angeles, this cardigan is the perfect sweater

that I can leave open or wrap across my torso to keep warm,
say in a cold office, brisk walk home at night...

Living in California, it's all about layers
I'm wearing black pleather pants from Urban Outfitters on sale for $10.
I just searched on their site and instead of calling them "pleather" pants, they call them "vegan leather".

Basically, they are fake leather pants.

I did not wear much jewelry.
I did wear MY PEACE of jewelry
African pendant necklace on Etsy

West African pendant hanging from antiqued brass link chain.
Pendant handcrafted by the Baoule people using the Lost Wax method in the Ivory Coast.
The Baoule people are known for producing beautiful brass ornaments and charms.

Also, I wore something I handmade.
The Cuff on Etsy

Overall, pretty simple outfit accented with MY PEACE of jewelry
Wearing faux leather pants is a challenge because I don't want to look too edgy
To achieve a more laid back look, I keep my pairings simple
Would you wear pleather pants?

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

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  1. Zalina, heute bin ich ganz begeistert von Deinem Outfit! Die Lederhose ist fantastisch und der Cardigan ebenso.Zusammen gibt es einen Look, der Dir wunderbar steht. Ich habe seit 5 Jahren eine Lederhose im Schrank und hoffe immer noch, ich passe mal wieder rein. Wenn ich Deine sehe, fällt mir wieder ein, was für ein schönes Teil zum Kombinieren so eine Hose ist.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

  2. Love, love that versatile wrap, Zalina, and whatever we name the jeans -- you look fabulous wearing them! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. Ha ha! You are so right! Vegan leather? I've heard it called that and I think it's hilarious and brilliant. Even though I know better, it does sound classier. Would I wear pleather pants? Yes, if they had some stretch and if they breathed. Yours look good and good on you. I like the way you styled them, keeping it simple. The shoes especially keep them from looking too self conscious. A sweater like that is a must have!! Love it. As always, your jewelry is beautiful. XXOO

  4. Love that sweater! Yeah, the whole "vegan leather" thing is hilarious to me! It's pleather...polyurethane LOL nice marketing tactic.

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

    1. I completely agree. Who came up with "vegan leather"?! I will stick with calling it pleather.

  5. I had to laugh when i read vegan leather haha pleather is the better word for it! Anyway it looks fab and i cant believe you got it for $10! I also like your cardi it looks pretty AND comfy. Hav a fab day! xxxx Tani

  6. Perfect. Every detail ... now that's a wrap!!! Jewelry is marvelous, of course, and nobody wears a tee like you do, you tall, slender creature! Yes ... will wear faux leather pants when it gets cooler here ... at least mixed fabrics where one of them is pleather! I've found they hold their shape a bit better for me.
    But yes, I will!


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