MY PEACE of jewelry - 'boyfriend jeans'

Boyfriend jeans

What are 'boyfriend' jeans?
"Despite the name, boyfriend jeans are not for boyfriends. No, they are actually women's jeans," 
as quoted by Ebay
In my case, these jeans are actually MEN's jeans. 
I am in a relationship, but I would never wear his jeans.
Simply put, we dress way too different.
He's conservative and I'm UMMMM, not.

'boyfriend' jeans is a type of jeans
roomy, relaxed style jeans
Because I refuse to pay mega money for jeans

I can't afford to pay $150 - $500 for jeans
They look good on the "models" but they won't look as good on me. 
Also, they don't look too "roomy and relaxed" so
I buy

a pair of over-sized 501 LEVI'S for $8 from the thrift store 
I wear a  size "32" and buy a size "38"

they're roomy & relaxed

I paired it with a black & white boat neck t-shirt purchased from 
Brandy & Melville 
thrifted Anne Klein purse
knee high black 60's inspired black boots bought on Ebay

With My Outfit, 
I wore
MY PEACE of jewelry 
Twisted Black Seed Beads & Wooden Disc Necklace available on Etsy

Multi-strand seed bead necklace with matching earrings.
I made the necklace also 
with little wooden disc beads and silver metal round beads and oval olive wood beads

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

It's Monday
Don't forget to check out the lovely ladies


  1. I love Brandy Melville....they have great boho/cali casual wear. Boatneck tops are the best for showcasing necklaces...cute look! And those glasses are everything!

    1. Thank you! Brandy & Melville is great for t-shirts. I could not wear anything else. Clothes are made for teenagers, but you can definitely find a few good items.

  2. Hi my dear!! wow great minds think alike, I just did a post on my livetolovedenim,com blog on my latest thrift buy of mens boyfriend jeans!! Really love how you've styled yours, you look amazing and the glasses and necklace are so stylish! xx

    1. I know! I just posted on your blog the same thing you've posted here! Great minds! ;0)

  3. Hi Zalina. You are looking so gorgeous in your boyfriend jeans and the striped shirt. Love it. Great jewelry as always. I am with you, a boyfriend jeans should be roomy. I too bought mine 2 sizes bigger, unfortunately I can't wear the jeans without a belt, lol, but OK I always wear belts anyway, so no biggie.

    BTW I am now your newest follower
    have a lovely day

    1. Thank you, Lenya! I also MUST wear a belt with my jeans. We don't want any accidents to happen. Thanks so much for the add.

  4. Du hast wirklich Glück, dass Du diese Jeans gefunden hast, Zalina. Gerade so weit geschnitten sieht sie richtig lässig aus. Ich mag auch das gestreifte Shirt dazu und natürlich Deinen schönen Schmuck.
    Herrn Us. Jeans würde ich gerne tragen, wenn ich größer wäre :-), aber da ich jede Menge Hosen und er nur drei Jeans hat, wäre das ungerecht.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine

  5. Hi Zalina! You look absolutely great in these jeans! fantastic pictures.

  6. Yes, yes, and YES!! Everything you said. Love this look, and you and your jewelry are gorgeous. Spending crazy money on jeans is absolutely ridiculous. Good thing we know better, right?

    1. Right! I figure we are in the "real world" and no matter how pricey is the jeans, they will never look as good on me as the models.

  7. This whole look is amazing. I love it all, from the thrifted (and awesome) jeans, to the jewelry!

    1. Thanks so much, Amiyrah. It truly is a challenge to match my style to my jewelry. I think it looks so much better on a girly style.


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