How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Dress Up with Chucks

My style is definitely tomboy-ish
but I saw this dress in a thrift shop window
and I had to have it!

V-neck thin strap dress with petticoat
A petticoat!

And it has all these sparkly beads all over the dress

Now the shoes
are tennis shoes
In fact, they are Converse Chuck Taylor's
I don't wear heels, I can't walk in heels and I avoid them like the plague
Also, I commute to work by bicycle
So I can't ride my bike in heels
So the next best thing are my Chuck Taylors

I admire women who can wear heels. 
I love the look of heels,
but I simply am not comfortable in heels
I look like Frankenstein when I walk in them.

With this dress, MY PEACE of jewelry
was kept to a minimum

I wore earrings similar to the ones below
Bayong Wood accented with faux pearl Earrings available on Etsy

I made a few pairs of these
I like these earrings because they are simple, not flashy and 
nicely complement any outfit

Wood Earrings on Etsy

So with this post I'm highlighting that you don't have to wear heels
to be girlie. 
It's all in the dress and not the shoes and dress

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy

It is Monday, and that mean I'm linking with 
DC IN STYLE Monday Bloom


  1. I'm grinning from ear to ear ... you could dress up hospital slippers! Love the dress and kicks, so much. This outfit is a gift from you to all of us. Pretty ... no reservations, you girly-girl! Love your earrings with it, naturally.
    Sigh ... who knew?

    1. Thanks so much, Jan. This is my favorite dress. I don't wear it very often but when I do, I love it.

  2. I agree with Jan, I think the dress and converse tennis shoe looks cool on you! There's a natural hipness to the way you styled this outfit.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Thanks, Ann. Honestly, it's for practical reasons I am wearing the tennis shoes. Luckily it works.

  3. Such a pretty dress - girly, yes, but not frilly and silly. It looks great with your cleavage and Converses!

    1. LOL, Val! Who knew I had cleavage?!? Thanks much!

  4. I think the dress looks great with sneakers. You look fab in a strappy dress and the petticoat is wonderful!

  5. The dress and converse combo looks great! you make it look so effortless. The jewelry goes very well with the whole outfit and the place is beautiful.

    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Thank you, Dee. It's the Botanical Gardens on UCLA's campus. If you are ever in Los Angeles, make sure you go. It's beautiful.

  6. Such a pretty dress ! I love the print .beautiful :)the dresslooks super with sneakers.


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