How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Psycho

Doesn't this house remind you of Psycho the film?

It's a beautiful closed chapel on the campus of the VA Medical Center on Wilshire Blvd & Veteran
Built in 1900, closed 1971.
It is the oldest building on Wilshire Blvd.
I see it everyday on my ride to work. 
To learn more click here Wadsworth Chapel

Back to My Outfit
Pretty simple 
It's a blouse-dress
Is there such a dress?
I've heard shirt-dress, but not blouse-dress
I guess the feature here is the belt.
It's wide
I rarely wear it, because it's hard to incorporate into an outfit
I don't want to toss it because I like it 
but it rarely gets worn
The belt was perfect for this outfit

I think the key to wearing a wide belt
and not looking hoochy
is the dress is loose and needs to be cinched in,
to give some shape

Dress is from OLD NAVY, which I got on sale for $14
Similar dress on sale Cap Sleeve Crepe Dress

Did not wear much MY PEACE of jewelry
In fact just worn a CUFF that I hand stamped 
'state of mind
'mind of state'
Another play on words
state of mind
mind of state

I did not feel like wearing a necklace instead
wore these African teardrop earrings that I bought

It's the start of a new week
It's true
depends on your MIND OF STATE
Stay positive, be present and love yourself no matter what

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  1. Hallo Zalina,
    das Blusenkleid ist wirklich bezaubern. Du hast recht, der Gürtel gibt ihm das besondere Etwas. Tasche und Gürtel sehen aus, als ob sie schon viel erlebt haben. Solche Accessoires mag ich sehr. Tatsächlich erinnert die alte Kirche an den Film, sie wirkt nur weniger gruselig.
    Hab eine schöne Woche!
    Sabine xxx

    1. Danke, Sabine. Ich habe den Film Psycho nie gesehen. Ich mag nicht horror Filme. Diese Kirche ist sehr nett. Ich wuerde nicht in der Nacht besuchen aber im Tag,ist es okay. :)

  2. i love brown and blue and i love your outfit, dear zalina:) thanks for your mixit!
    xxxx birgit

    1. Danke, Birgit. Ich mag immer dein MIXIT mitzumachen.

  3. It's great that you've kept that belt, Salina, b/c it looks fantastic with this shirt-dress. Love that cuff too, and the chapel looks like someplace I would really like to explore. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. FABULOUS photos! You look so wonderful in blue and against the white of that beautiful house.

  5. So much history in that building, I learned a lot about it. Thanks for sharing. Your dress with that cool belt is so pretty on you. And your jewelry is fabulous.

    1. Thanks much. It's a beautiful building. I love riding by it.

  6. You are stunning in that color, and I love the worn brown leather accessories. The building is the perfect backdrop. Even though you didn't make them, the earrings are pretty gorgeous too. The bracelets? Pure art.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean. I've been working on some new hand stamped CUFFs that I am anxious to post some photos soon.

  7. That is such a unique building and yes, I was expecting to see Norman somewhere in the photos. You look so casual and lovely.

    1. LOL! Believe I would be nowhere near this building at night. Best,

  8. i love the architecture of that chapel and how you cinched this outfit at the waist with that nicely worn belt. i'll be sure to check out your etsy...enjoy your day!


  9. Such a fabulous post for so many reasons!

    Love the...
    your outfit
    your bracelet
    and most importantly your beautiful message!

    Thank you for putting such beauty out into the world!

  10. Fun how items you don't wear often make perfect combinations sometimes! I think big belts are having a particularly great moment when paired with feminine elements like the blouse-dress. Clearly that's what it is! You look great, as always.
    Great old building!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I agree. If I wear this big belt with my usual tomboy look, it would not work.

  11. I love old buildings like that, but you steal the show here! You really look fabulous in that dress and those earrings. The belt and purse look great together, too.

    1. Thanks, Val. Old Navy is a great place to shop for basic dresses. They really fit well.

  12. Hi there! totally gorgeous look, I really love your belt and bag and those earrings are just lovely too-a really great outfit!! The building is strangely spooky and beautiful, great pictures! xxx

  13. Diese Farbe steht dir ausgesprochen gut liebe Zalina!! Ich finde die Kombination von diesem kräftigen blau und braunem Leder superschön! Dein Schmuck ist wunderschön und passt ganz toll dazu!
    Mir gefallen auch die Hintergründe auf deinen Fotos, die Kapelle sieht beeindruckend aus. Schade, dass sie geschlossen ist.

    Ganz viele liebe Grüße


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