Where I Make MY PEACE of jewelry

If you've wondered where I make
MY PEACE of jewelry Mannequins and Jewelry,
you don't have to wonder any more.
In my apartment, in the kitchen.
I live in studio apartment,

I have the main room,
where I sectioned into a sitting area and bedroom. 

I made the couch with salvaged materials.
The seat cushions are from a couch left in the alley.
A piece of wood, that the cushions are on, I found in the alley too.
The accent pillows are from the thrift stores.
The black body pillows and brown pillows are from Bed, Bath & Beyond
I will show the step-by-step making of the seat bench in another post.

The bathroom.

I tiled the bathroom and hung the shelves.

Then I have the kitchen.
It's big enough for a dining room table.
I don;t eat my meals in the kitchen.
I've made in my work space.

My work space is hidden behind the book case next to the stove

 Work Space

My Work Space for making MY PEACE of jewelry

Handcrafted Mannequins & Jewelry on Etsy


  1. Wow, you've really made a small space work well for you! With all the light and the nice decor, it looks really attractive.

    1. Thanks, Ms Val Sparkle

      I definitely made the most of my space. I live in Santa Monica, which is an expensive place to live, but I got an apartment that I could afford, I've decided to make the best of it. :0

  2. Deine Wohnung ist wie Dein Schmuck, Zalina, einzigartig und sehr kreativ. Ich mag die Wohnecke und bin schon gespannt, wie Du das Sofa gebaut hast. Die warmen Farben der Kissen, der Bilder und das Holz harmonieren wunderbar.
    Lieben Gruss

    1. Danke, Sabine. Richtig! Ich freu mich, dass sie dir gefaellt. :)

  3. ja, deine wohnung ist so wunderbar wie du! ich bin begeistert!
    herzlichst birgit

    1. Danke, Zickimicki. Dein Haus ist wunderbar, auch. Es sieht aus, dass dein Haus sehr bunt und hell ist. Das gefaellt mir sehr gut.

  4. Wonderful space ... looks like a wonderful place to work. So you!

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!! The decor is magnificent. I love the way you upcycled and made so many of the pieces, and I've always wanted a screen like that!! You look beautiful in your space. I'm also a barefoot girl. :-) XXOO

    1. Thank you, Jean. Ha! That is funny, I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers to be barefoot or is it feet? Hmmm...

  6. Also, it you haven't already discovered this site, check it out. I got lost last night in the amazing posts about tribal jewelry.



    1. Thanks much, Jean. I will definitely check it out.


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