With Mother's Day fast approaching, May 12th,
 it gets me to thinking about my mother, who I lost to cancer in 2011.
I'd like to do something special in her honor.
I'd like to make and giveaway a custom CUFF
stamped with a phrase you'd want on a CUFF to honor your Mother.
Give it to her or wear it yourself.
You can enter by simply clicking on my FACEBOOK page on the sidebar,
go to MOTHER's Day CUFF GIVEAWAY post (
there are two or three posts because I'm not sure how to correctly post)
and post what you'd want stamped on MY PEACE of jewelry CUFF.

The phrase or word can't be any longer than 13 letters and spaces
for example
i love you - 10 letters & spaces
you are loved - 13 letters & spaces
inspiration - 13 letters
love you dear - 13 spaces *Mom would always say this to me at the end of a phone conversation
Deadline to enter Wedn, May 1st,
I will pick name at random by May 2,
then I'll make and mail by May 7th.
I form, oxidize and hand stamp each cuff, so no two cuffs are alike.
Cuff will have a rustic and weathered appearance. 
And comes in cute box tied with twine as seen here

Go to my FACEBOOK, page and post where you see MOTHER's Day CUFF GIVEAWAY

 MY PEACE of jewelry, Zalina Designs on Etsy
This is such bullshit. I miss my mother. But I want to do something for her.


  1. Aw! Sorry about your loss! Love the photos, so beautiful.

  2. Das tut mir so leid Zalina. Auf den Bildern strahlt Deine Mutter so viel Lebensfreude aus. Sie muss ein wunderbarer, fröhlicher Mensch gewesen sein. Ganz sicher hat sie Dich sehr geprägt. Sie war wunderschön, Du hast viel von Ihr erhalten.
    Lieben Gruss von Sabine


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