In browsing the lovely Fort Smith Stylista blog created by Jan in Arkasas, in the spirit of her being nominated for the Liebster Award (congratulations), she posted 11 questions encouraging other bloggers to answer.
Well, here it goes

1. What's your favorite menswear piece in your wardrobe. 
That's easy, my men's brogue shoes, which I bought at a thrift store.

2. How often do you edit your closet? (Isn't edit just a fancy way of saying clean out?) 
Not often enough, but when I do, then I store in my car for several months before I finally get around to taking the stuff to the Goodwill

3. What was your last clothing purchase for someone else.
Ooooh! I can't remember! 

4. What did you last buy for your own wardrobe?
An awesome pair of black pleather ankle pants for $10 from Urban Outfitters. Will post some photos soon.

5. What's your favorite fashion magazine.
British Vogue

6. What's your biggest style challange?
Pairing MY PEACE of jewelry with my tomboy-ish style

7. What's your best facial feature.

8. Shop alone or with someone?
Alone. I can't remember the last time I shopped with a friend. Oh yeah, I do remember! It was for my friend's wedding gown. First time I'd ever been bridal gown shopping. 

9. If you were offered a pair of Celine Mink-Lined Shower Shoes or cash equal to the price they're asking for the real deal, which would you choose?
I've never heard of the shoe line, but they sound expensive. I'd take the money and fix my car.

10. What's your favorite or fantasy birthday dinner menu?
Starting with a Lemon-drop (drink)
Spinach dip (appetizer)
Steak and fries with red wine (dinner)
No dessert (I don't have a sweet tooth)

11. Favorite brick-and-mortar shoe store or department.

Here are my 11 random facts about me

1. I was born in Portland, Oregon on November 26th. Sometimes my birthdays falls on Thanksgiving Day

2. I went to college on a full athletic scholarship. Played basketball.

3. I am ambidextrous. I write and eat left-handed, but play sports mainly right-handed, i.e.,  throwing a ball, shooting pool, playing tennis

4. I'm addicted to cheese puffs. Eat a bag a day. 

5. I'm a spinning instructor for fun and to work out, teaching 5 classes a week. 

6. I speak German. I started learning about 9 years ago, because my boyfriend at the time was Swiss German. His parents lived in Switzerland and did not speak much English. When we visited them, I was able to communicate with them. I speak better now. 

In order to retain and improve my German, I read a lot of German books. I've read the Harry Potter series in German and soon to order Twilight. I have not read any of the books in English nor have I seen the movies.

7. My favorite TV shows are Project Runway, The Voice and Survivor. But I would never try out for any of them because I can't sew, can't sing and can't go hungry

8. I idolize my parents as a couple and as individuals. Married young, had two children, provided us with a nice upbringing and showed me how to love and respect each other loved. Mom passed in 2011 of lung cancer

9. If I could any place to live, I'd live here in Santa Monica with a bungalow on the beach and a vacation home in Portland, Oregon.

10. I don't know what I'd call my fashion style, but I stride to be comfortable while creatively highlight MY PEACE of jewelry.

11. I don't own an I phone. Having lost one and had the other one stolen within one year, I'm back to a flip phone that cost only $25.

MY PEACE of jewelry Zalina Designs on Etsy


  1. Woohoo! Thank you! And really interesting answers they are! I've noticed that you sometimes post to Sabine in German, and found that wildly impressive. Americans generally don't speak enough languages. I'm one, but I can get myself to the nearest restroom, train station, but stop, restaurant and my hotel in 3 other languages. Pity I never get to use it!

    Cheese puffs! Love 'um. But I don't eat 'um cause I am a lazy exerciser. Just enough to get my heart rate up a few times a day ... not enough for weight loss.

    Yes! You have the most amazing cheekbones, but don't sell you eyes and the rest of your mug short. Just sayin'.

    Thank you for doing this! Will post a link to this page in my post next Monday, if you don't mind.

    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Jan:

      Thank you. I love Sabine's blog. She posts in German and English! How talented is that?!?! I believe you will get to use the phrases one day. Come to Los Angeles! I am surrounded by every language in the book.

      Cheese puffs aren't my only downfall, but is the main one.

      Having been an athlete all my life, I am used to working out. If I didn't, I'd be big as a house.

      Awww thanks for the compliment, I feel so awkward in my photos but I love blogging because I get to meet people like you. I love your blog. Keep it up.

      I look forward to viewing the link on Monday.

      Have a great day!

  2. I do have men brogues too and i like to wear men shirts sometimes, they're so comfy :)
    Nice to get to know you a bit with this facts :) Have a fab day ! xx Tani

    1. Brogues! Aren't they the greatest shoes!?! Comfy, while pushing the envelope.


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