Etsy "100" SELL - Give-a-way

My blog is dedicated to MY PEACE of jewelry, which I sell mainly on Etsy.
Having been at it for three years,
I am soon going to hit my 100th SELL.
Once I hit "100", I'm going to have a monthly
of my how-to-live-life CUFFs.
I will post a CUFF with a certain EMOTION,
such as happiness, self-love, gratitude, love...and I will ask you to post
how you practice that EMOTION.
I will pick a name at random "from a hat" and you will WIN the CUFF.
I will ship anywhere in the world that will receive my cuff.
Like my FACEBOOK page and stay tune for the

MY PEACE of jewelry
Handcrafted Jewelry & Mannequins on Etsy


  1. love the cuffs and I faved your Etsy store!

    1. You are sweet and thanks so much! Please be sure to check back on my FB page for the give-a-way. :)

  2. Those cuffs are wonderful and look really unique! xx


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