Layering Options - How to layer necklaces

There really are no set rules to layering necklaces.
Do you!
When it comes to making my necklaces, I keep in mind that I, or my customers
may want to wear a few of them together.

The things to consider are
1. necklace lengths
*vary necklace lengths
2. spacing of the necklaces
*pleasing to the eye
3. similar textures
4. complementary textures

As to what you should wear, when you want to wear an assortment of necklace
1. keep the clothing simple
a. casual outfit is t-shirt & jeans
b. dress is a sheath or body hugging
*nothing big or oversized
3. type of neckline you're wearing
*v-necklines and round necklines are the best for layering necklaces.
Don't layer necklaces over a turtleneck! This is just wrong.
Here I've put these three necklaces together.

                Brass Multi link chain                      African Brass Ring     Turquoise Heishi Beads & Brass Rolo Chain

Necklaces layered can be worn with any style.
Add a spark to business casual look or add polish to a casual look

These are just a few of the necklaces I have on Etsy to layer.
Hope these tips help

Handcrafted Jewelry & Mannequins Zalina Designs on Etsy


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