How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Oversized jeans

I guess I am somewhat a "quirky" dresser.
I mean I don't mean to dress a certain way, but when I look at my own photos
I ask myself,
"Did I really leave the house in that?"
I guess the answer is yes.
When I put on clothes,
I think comfort with an edge.
 My oversized Levi's are the perfect answer.
Other women may buy the "boyfriend" jeans,
I buy oversized Levi's from the thrift store.
They cost $8; not $108 and they are comFORtable.
I go specifically for 501s.
You can get some really cool ones on Ebay.

Here I paired my Levi's with another rock n' roll legend, Jimi Hendrix

t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
Photos taken at Botanical Gardens in Westwood
 I take my own photos.
Sometimes the photos are in focus and other times they are not.
Here are my success and failures
MY PEACE of jewelry CUFF
"peace of mind
mind of peace"
Photo failures
In my attempt to photograph my earrings, my photos were all out of focus.
Here are MY PEACE of jewelry Earrings
Chain draped earrings available on Etsy
Handcraft Jewelry & Mannequin Zalina Designs on Etsy
Go to Not Dead Yet Style
to view the various inspiring looks of the LADIEs


  1. Hello Zalina,
    You have your own special style and now that I know you created it with thrifted closed I like it still more. You inspired my, you can see it in my next post.
    I love how you combine colors of the nature and your beautiful jewelry.
    Do you think it is possible to ship to Germany? I "fall in love" with one of your necklaces.
    Shall I write in German? I know you understand it?

    1. Awww Sabine, danke! Ich moechte dir mich auf Deutsch zu schreiben um fuer mich zu lernen. Welche Kette gefaellt Ihnen? Ich kann die Kette nach Deutschland versenden. Auch, habe ich nichts dagegen, wenn Sie mein Deutsch korriegieren. :)

    2. Liebe Zalina,
      ich schreibe Dir gerne auf Deutsch. Und ich korrigiere auch gerne, wenn es notwendig ist. Würdest Du das bitte auch machen, wenn ich einen gravierenden Fehler in meiner Post-Übersetzung habe. Das wäre schön.
      Die Kette mit dem goldenen Anhänger aus Äthiopien gefällt mir am besten. Ich muss noch herausfinden, ob und wieviel Zoll ich bezahlen muss. Ich melde mich noch mal zur Kette. Deine Schmuckstücke sind alle einzigartig schön.
      Lieben Gruß

  2. Well your jeans my only be $18 but they look grest on you and love the bracelet

    Ali of

  3. Your jewelry is beautiful, Zalina. And I love the messages; thanks for sharing them with Visible Monday.

    1. Thanks so much. And I think you are awesome. :0)


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