How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Valentine's Day

Same dress for Day & Evening - Valentine's Day


I purchased this dress, probably 6 months ago
I don't normally wear dresses like this.
I love to wear dresses, but
my daily routine does not make it easy to wear dresses.
I commute to work on my bike.
It would be kind of hard to ride in  dress and heels.
If I wear a dress when riding my bike, it's with flats or boots.
Having not worn this dress EVER,
I really wanted to wear it on Valentine's Day
This post I'm showing how I wore it in the evening.
My next post will show how I wore it during the day.
Usually, I'm not comfortable wearing something this SHORT.
But I love how this dress drapes my body.
Ankle boots, also Urban Outfitters
On sale, $20

 I kept jewelry to a minimum.
In fact I did not wear any of MY PEACEs, except
for my handstamped cuff

on Etsy

and I wore this ring that I've had for years.
I bought it along with a few other colors in Switzerland

 With a dress like this
you don't need to wear much jewelry

Handcrafted Jewelry & Mannequins Zalina Designs on Etsy

Happy Valentine's Day



  1. Hi Zalina,
    es ist ein wunderbares Rot, wie ich schon sagte, und auch der Schnitt ist sehr schön, schlicht und elegant. Du siehst fantastisch darin aus! Mit Deinen Beinen musst Du Dir um die Rocklänge keine Sorgen machen. Ich bin schon gespannt, wie Du es tagsüber trägst.
    Lieben Gruß

    1. Danke, Sabine! Du bist sehr nett. Ich bin eine normal Frau, die sie ich zu gross bin denkt. Sie gefaellt mir sehr. :)

    2. Hi Zalina,
      ich wäre liebend gerne etwas größer :-)
      eine kleine Korrektur wie versprochen, es heißt: "ich bin eine normale Frau, die denkt, dass sie zu groß ist."

  2. The dress does have great drape and looks lovely on you.

    1. Thank you! How often is it when we find a dress for $10 that looks good?!


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