How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Construction boots

I know construction boots aren't the "sexiest" shoes for a woman to wear.
But I love my steel toe construction boots!
I've had them for at least 10 years
They carry a lot of memories for me
My ex-boyfriend, who was very kind used to shine them for me because I didn't care if they were dirty or clean
I love my boots!
Advantage to wearing construction boots vs high-heeled girly boots
are the following
can walk for miles without my feet blistering
my little toes (size 11 feet) are protected from falling heavy objects
can run with no problem
For me, my shoes is not what makes me feel pretty.
For me it's the jewelry.
Mixing tomboyish style with girly jewelry is fantastic.
With my outfit here, I'm wearing MY PEACE of jewelry necklace that I
made from reclaimed chains, lucite beads and coins.
Love it!
MY PEACE of jewelry on Etsy
Cable knit sweater - thrifted
black skinny jeans - Levi's
hoop earrings - I made
charm bracelet - I made

 Also wore my handcrafted CUFF/BRACELET


Self love has nothing to do with how you feel about your outerself,
it's about accepting all of yourself

Being your own best friend

Handcrafted Jewelry & Mannequins Zalin Designs on Etsy

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  1. Your cuff bracelets are beautiful, Zalina. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

    1. Thank you so much for having the blog. I really enjoy viewing everyone every Monday.

  2. Hello Zalina,
    Your jewelry is adorable, I love it. And I really like how you paired it with jeans, cardigan and construction boots.
    Thank you for your kind comment. Your German is much better than my English.

    1. Danke! Ihre Englisch ist super! Ich beabsichtige Ihr Blog zu folgen.


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