Dress for Spring 2013 - NEON

In browsing the internet, it appears The SPRING COLOR TREND for 2013 are these NEON colors.

I do like them, but if you are like me, a regular person, who has a regular job and not a lot of money, then I can't wear head to toe NEON like these lovely ladies.

But I found some great options.
These dresses are bold, simple and reasonably priced.

Dress for Spring 2013 - NEON

Dress for Spring 2013 - NEON by zalina-13 featuring a ponte dress

Add even more punch to these lovely dresses with a STATEMENT NECKLACE.

Here are few of MY PEACEs that I think would go really well.

 Tribal Tibetan Turquoise and Agate Bead Necklace

Chunky Charm Necklace


Black Rainbow Necklace

I am looking forward to Spring. It's still pretty cool in California.



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