MY (new) PEACE of jewelry - RE-DO!

Agate and Ethiopian Bead Necklace featuring African brass pendant

I redid this necklace. Here is what I originally made back in June

It's a little different. 
I removed the brass Rolo chain in between the agate strands 
and added this lovely African pendant

African Trade Brass Pendant made by the Baule tribe located in Ghana. 
Using the lost wax technique, where wax is rolled into thin strips 
which are formed into coils or woven into meshes. 
A repeating feature throughout Baule Beads 
is the regular parallel grooves that run throughout each of the beads. 

Next is the sides and back of the necklace. 
These are round white metal Ethiopian beads. Each bead is individually made.

Finally the brown beads. I'm guessing they are Agate beads. 

I love the striations. See how no two beads are alike?

A pair of matching earrings

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