Friday, January 25, 2013

How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - African Ring

Antique Nigerian Brass Ring & Multi chain link Necklace Set
Antique Nigerian Brass Ring hanging from dark metal link chain closing with Vintaj lobster clasp. Can be worn alone or layered with the included Multi-chain link necklace
that is  made of different shades and sizes of brass metal chain links.
Either necklace can be worn alone, together or paired with other necklaces.

 Sweater - Brandy & Melville
Floral jeans, Mossimo Supply Co - Target
Converse tennis shoes - thrifted
leather purse - thrifted
Necklace Set - MY PEACE of jewelry


Botanical Gardens in Westwood, California

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins by Zalina on Etsy

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