Browsin for Fashion - Collared Shirts with Statement Necklaces

Being a maker of statement necklaces,
MY PEACE of jewelry

when I browsed the blogs to aadmire other statement necklace, all I saw were
photos of celebrities wearing them.

It's fine and dandy that they wear them,
 but I want to see "real" people.
With what do "real" people wear statement necklaces
How does one who dresses more demure than flashy, wear a statement necklace?
Simple: pair it with a collared shirt.
A statement necklace layered over the collar is a STATEMENT,
adding style and edge.

In browsing the Internet, I found these lovely ladies, who I think wear the look well.

Photo credit via hitchcock MADRONA blog

Photo credit via INPIRAFASHION blog

Photo credit via Clarabelle blog

Photos via Freesia blog

I think the tip to wearing a STATEMENT NECKLACE is keep everything else simple.

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins designed by Zalina


  1. you're so talented, I love your statement necklace

  2. I like your necklace because it has an African vibe to it. Can't beat that. And hand made is much better than mass production in China.

    1. Thanks so much! It would be cool to have photos of my statement necklaces on other ladies other than myself. :). It will happen one day.


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