How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Necklace layering options

Just made MY (new) PEACE of jewelry 
It's a necklace set mixing a multi-strand link chains 
and one other necklace that features an awesome antique African brass ring from Nigeria.

Each PEACE can be worn alone 

Made of bronze and brass, these type of rings were used as fare tokens for transport in Nigeria.
I don't know how old are these rings I have, but I fell in love with their simplicity and sturdiness.


As for the multi-strand link chain necklace, it's made of variety of chains that I have. 
I don't like MY PEACEs to look new. It's part gun-metal link chains of different sizes 
and small part gold-plated link chain.

 I wore it this week for Thanksgiving with my casual attire
LEVI jeans and an oversize sweater from Brandy & Melville

Since my mother passed away, my brother has taken over the role of cooking Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanks, bro!

I'm wearing 
Sweater - Brandy & Melville
Jeans - Levi's

Shoes - Zara's Collection, thrift store find
I believe they are men's shoes.
A BROGUE shoe with a rubber sole

Creating an effortlessly chic look, pulling these two necklaces together, both closing with lobster clasps.

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. Those shoes are fabulous! I can't believe they were thrifted. Very cool! Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way! Now that I've found you, I'll be sure to check your blog often!


    - Anna


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