How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Rock n' Camo

I say Rock n' Camo, kind of in tongue in cheek
because I'm wearing MY PEACE of jewelry 
"Rock" necklace
and wearing a camo jacket.
The necklace I made using a rock I found and wire wrapped it and hung
from these beautiful vintage African round brass beads.
Rock n' Beads Necklace available on Etsy

Camo jacket - thrifted
striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt - Urban Outfitters
brown ankle pants - TJ Maxx
Ecote ankle boots - Urban Outfitters *on sale now for $49
Messenger bag - Goodwill

Also, wearing my "reminder" cuff. I rarely leave the house
without one of them on.
practice love                                                        practice forgiveness
practice fear                                                         let go of the outcome
practice happiness                                          practice love
Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. your so talented, i love ur work, keep it up


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