Wedge Sneakers - Trend Alert

Living in Southern California,
we don't have the drastic weather change
like Chicago, New York City or Denver, Boston...
No severe snow storms, no sub-zero days/nights, no major thunderstorms.
So preparing for Fall by buying the big bulky coats,
the insulated boots or thick sweaters is not necessary.
Being that the weather changes subtley here,
the transition from Summer to Fall fashionwise is also subtle.
For instance, instead of open toe sandals,
we might have to wear shoes that cover our feet,
such as sneakers.
Sneakers are sporty, but the latest trend, adding a wedge to the sneaker
makes them sporty chic.
TREND ALERT - The Wedge Sneaker
The Wedge Sneakers usually have a concealed 3-inch wedge heel built into them.
the wedged heels, make legs look longer and leaner.

I want a pair!

What to wear with them?
  • a button-down shirt (with a sweater thrown on top as well)
  • baseball-inspired jacket/top/tee
  • relaxed blazer
  • tailored blazer/coat
  • (leather) motorcycle jacket
  • skinny jeans
  • boyfriend jeans
Like here, she is wearing the shoe perfectly with the boyfriend jeans
She's wearing it perfectly with the big jacket and sweater

Gina's Glam Dom Blog

Searching the internet, I found so many different brands for major money.
In my case, I have to be realistic.
I can't afford designer shoes.
I work at a university!
And I have to consider, my age. Being 46 years old, comfort, cost and classy are

But! If money was not an issue, these would be the pair for me.

Chloe Black Wedge Sneakers - $477

Since money is very much an issue for me, one of these are my probable purchase.

Wedge Sneakers

I shall have mine one day!

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  1. Zalina, I gotta be honest with you, these aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I bet they'd look pretty fab on you. Hope you get a pair a rock 'em all winter long.


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