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The Olive Tree has both a sentimental and religious significance. According to the Bible, it is believed that Jesus prayed underneath an Olive Tree in the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper. This sacred tree is still in existence today. The Bible repeatedly refers to the Olive Tree as a symbol of peace, fertility, and prosperity. In the story of Noah's Ark, a branch from an Olive Tree was brought back to the Ark by Noah's Dove symbolizing peace. Also, on Palm Sunday, pilgrims carry Olive Wood branches commemorating the Lord's entry into Jerusalem. Thus, the Olive Tree became a dominant symbol of the Holy Land.

From the Olive trees, you get this great striated wood. The rich color and interesting veins are characteristic of the beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood. The natural swirl and contrast of the Olive Wood grain will draw your mind.

After the olive tree is trimmed her branches are kept for a few years inside Bethlehem caves. Caves are ideal to dry the olive wood because the temperatures of the cave stay the same year round and there is no moisture or humidity so the wood dry without splitting or cracking and becomes dry and ideal for carving. 

          You can estimate the age of a particular piece by examining its grain. Very old trees have a dark grain while younger trees exhibit a lighter color.
The dark lines inside this olive wood trunk tells how old is the tree the more lines the wood have the older the tree. The dark grains inside the trunk of the olive wood olive wood trunks is called the heart of the wood or the jewels and they are what olive wood carvers and their customers look for.

          Bethlehem olive trees are also called the Roman trees they get their name because they have been living in Bethlehem and bearing fruits since the time of the Romans and Jesus time.

          Bethlehem olive wood is heavy, dense and durable with a distinctive red pigment in its grain. All carvings made of this hard wood have a varying and smooth grain, making every piece extraordinarily unique. It is very difficult to match the grain of two pieces since the pattern is completely hidden in the heart of the wood
Once carved, the wood is sanded and coated with a special varnish to protect it and highlight the texture of the grain. There is no need for oiling or further treatment of any kind since olive oil inside the wood is naturally protecting the wood from corrosions. Since olive is one of the hardest woods on earth, carvings will easily last a life time and be admired by generations to come. As it ages, it will become darker and even more beautiful.
The artistically smooth and elegant grain of the olive wood renders it one of the most beautiful in the world and olive wood carvings will easily last a life time and be enjoyed by genrations to come.

From these beads, I made this multi-strand bib necklace.

Necklace and Mannequins available to purchase on Etsy


  1. What a quiet stunner of a necklace. So much goes into the creation of a piece, doesn't it? thanks for taking the time to create, and to share. -Bella Q

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