Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MANNEQUIN - Display Options

I make the mannequins to display jewelry. Being a jewelry designer,
I know what is needed to be a good mannequin.
1. sturdy
2. light
3. mobile
4. pretty
I have a tutorial on how to make your own
DIY - Mannequin and there are several other tutorials all over the internet
But if you want one already made,
you can purchase one of my WO-mannequin
I've sold several on Etsy
Since I started making these mannequins a few years ago,
I've added a couple of different shaped ones.
Here I want to show how my favorite necklace (I made it too) looks on each
Chinese Tibetan Agate Necklace


What I like about the headless MANNEQUINs
is I don't have to continuously open and close the clasp
on the necklaces.
Just slip over the neck and it lays perfectly.

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