Liebster Award Honor!

Liebster Award! Me?!?

I want to thank my fellow blogger, Sheila, whose blog is Style Agent 909
for honoring me with the Liebster Award.
I feel honored and want to pay it forward.
But before I do that, I'd like to give a shout out to Shiela's blog.
I came across her blog because of the post "I See Dead People"
It's an awesome post. I thought I was the only one who liked cemetaries,
but she shows I am not alone and how special they are.
As for her blog, it centers around how to style second-hand clothes into fashionable outfits.
She does a great job in showing it does not have to be expensive to be fashionable.

Having accepted the award, I must do the following
1. List 11 facts about myself
2. Reveal a little about myself by answering Shiela's questions,
3. Name 11 new awardees (and notify them of the award)
4. Ask 11 new questions of the next LIEBSTER AWARDEEs

1.   Played basketball in college on a full scholarship
2.   I am a spinning instructor, teaching 5 classes a week (it doesn't pay the bills so have to work f/t)
3.   Love to watch Survivor and Amazing Race, but would never want to do either show
4.   Red is my favorite color
5.   Learning to speak German for the last 8 years.
6.   Love ethnic, earthy chunky necklaces using repurposed materials

7.   Love to wear very worn-in 501 Levi's that are two to three sizes too big ("boyfriend jeans")
8.   Prefer Carl's Jr Western Bacon Cheeseburger to McDonalds' Quarter Pounder
9.   Hope to buy my own motorcycle
10.  I braid my own hair. Have not changed my hairstyle since high school (I'm 46 years old!)
11. Lost my mother to cancer a couple of years ago, this month would have been her birthday

1. You just found $20 in the pocket of your winter coat you forgot was there?
What will you do with it? First scream from excitement. It's not often I find 20 bucks anywhere. If it's during the week, I would treat myself to a nice sit down meal at lunch time. Usually I brown bag lunch during the week.
2. What's the best thing to make with lemons? Vodka tonic and a slice of lemon
3. I can't eat a hamburger without....Cheese!
4. What item do you most want for your wardrobe this fall?  Wedge Sneakers

photo via Hipster Chic
5. What was your most memorable Halloween costume? Dressing as a man, wearing a zoot suit.
6. What colors if any, do you never wear together? Yellow and black
7. You're given 1000 popsicle sticks (craft sticks) what can you make with them? Abstract picture then place in a frame
8. What book or movie would you like to the change the ending? Terms of Endearment
9. What's for dinner tonight? Teriyaki chicken
10. If you could have one piece of famous art work for your home, what would it be? Anything by Jacob Lawrence
11. Which would you rather have, a cabin in the woods, a beach hourse or a loft in New York? A beach house
MY 11 (NEW) AWARDEES (in no particular order)
Tribute to the Tribe...A French blogger who captures the street style of Paris
Conturing...The cutest girl with funky fashion sense and great style
lizamoreen....A Swiss woman with fashionable taste
Beadlust...A jewelry designer, who specializes in bead embroidery. Awesome!
A Fascinating Liar..A jewelry designer from Nova Scotia specialize
in metalsmithing who has a beautiful blog
Tipa Tipa...A wonderful blog featuring her passion for vintage fashion, food and film
The Citizen Rosebud...A quirky fashionista who shows you can be unique at any age
inny vinny...This girl just rocks. clean cut fashion with a sarcastic sense of humor
Jen's (Outfit) Journal...She's cute as a button featuring her outfits
eat, sleep, denim...Blog how to wear, who wears, what to wear with denim
SimplyCyn aka addicted to Etsy...Awesome fashionista who highlights music
1.How long have you been blogging?
2. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
3. What are you looking to buy for the Fall?
4. Do you have a fashion role model?
5. How would you define your personal style?
6. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so, what?
7. Have you ever worn a ball gown?
8. Who has the best fashion sense: Beyonce, Gwen Stefani or Lady Gaga?
9. As an adult, have you borrowed an item of clothing from a friend? If so, what?
Did you give it back?
10. Do you own a pair of Chuck Taylors? If so, what color?
11. Which season do you prefer to dress for: Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring?


  1. Zalina, thanks so much for love! I'm glad we found each other.
    Can I just say how gorgeous that color is you're wearing? The tiles and fountain in the background only emphasize it!
    Those look like some really great blogs. It may take me a while, but I'll check them all out.
    I'd choose a beach house too.


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