How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Goomba beads

White "Goomba" Porcelin Trade Beads
from West Africa.
They are dingy white in color and have a nice patina and lots of character.
The term "Trade Beads" typically applies to beads
made predominately in Venice and Bohemia and other European countries
from the late 1400s through to the early 1900s
and traded in Africa and the Americas.

These beads aren't used for "trading".
They are used to make my beautiful PEACEs.
These beads, I paired with an African brass pendant

Necklace is 30" long and can be pulled over your head or closed with a clasp.

Me not being the fancy dresser, I wore MY PEACE with a pair of my favorite Levi's
They are too big, but just right, worn-in jeans that I bought from a thrift store for 5 bucks.
In the fancy world of fashion, these are called my "boyfriend" jeans, without paying
hundreds of dollars.
What are "boyfriend" jeans?
 It has to do with the fit.
They are looser in the legs, a bit baggy but narrow in the hips and should fit a bit oversized.
Maybe not as much as these.
They have to be comfortable.

Men's ankle boots, thrifted
They are not too comfortable.
By the end of the day, they pinch my toes.
But I love them.


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