How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - to the beach

Living close to the beach (15 blocks), I have the opportunity to go often.
Here, I am at the Marina - Marina Del Rey area.
Venice Beach and Santa Monica are next door.

Wearing my favorite printed jeans - again.
I've worn them quite a lot this summer.
Soon, I won't be able to wear because the print is
too loud for Fall.
"let go of the outcome"
For me this means, I do what I want to do not expecting
a certain return, such as other people's validation.
If I want to wear what other's think is ugly
and they even voice that it's ugly.
I need to realize, I am wearing it for me,
it's not to please that other person,
it's because it pleases me.
Listen to your inner voice
and ignore other's.
When you let go of the outcome,
you find your true friends
who like you for you
I need to make more cuffs. I sold most of them,
but have a few on Etsy
printed jeans - Urban Outfitters
cap - Urban Outfitters
boyfriend cardigan - The City (Target)
white t-shirt - Sears
Oh yeah,  just to give an example I "let go of the outcome"
was the day before this outing.
I wore the same outfit, when I met my friend at the beach
 (same area)
We decided to run on the boardwalk, not caring who saw us
She did not run very well at first, but
she got the hang of it, and so did I
Remember to
let go of the outcome

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