How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - HOT!

It's been pretty hot in Southern California.
Hot and humid. Even though it's hot, you can't hide inside.
Errands must be done, which involves moving my buns from point A to B.
Over the weekend, I went to Alpine Village in Torrance.
Alpine Village is little piece of Germany transplanted into sunny Southern California.
There's a grocery store featuring German meats and products.
There's a restaurant featuring German food.
And of course the beer.
Alpine Village has this huge OKTOBERFEST every year.
This year its September 7 - October 27, 2012.

I did not go there for anything German.
There is also a swap meet at the location.
I was looking for a tool on the cheap.

Even though Alpine Village has nothing to do with how
I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry,
I thought you'd like to hear about it.
As for how I dress when it's HOT.
I recommend LIGHT, AIRY and LOOSE

Linen shorts  - old
cotton tank - Sear's
sandals - DSW
purse - gift
necklace - MY PEACE of jewelry Charm Necklaces
cuff - MY PEACE of jewelry Reminder Cuffs

Started the day out looking "cool" but by afternoon,
too hot!
Be warned the following images,
I was burning up!

I was wearing one of my African Pendant necklaces,
which I like to layer with other necklaces,
but can also be worn alone,
which is best in this heat
I have several different African Brass Pendants on Etsy

West African Round Brass Pendant
Plus, I never leave home without one of my REMINDER-how-to-live-CUFFs

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


  1. I went to visit your Etsy shop and I love it! Your pieces are so unique and I'm all for pieces that are hand-crafted. Thank you for your comment on my blog earlier. I love your outfit in this picture, especially for that very casual/relax look, but complimented with that beautiful necklace and cuff! I'm also in love with your bag. The pattern is really beautiful and love all those warm color. Perfect for this outfit!


    1. Thanks so much, Jenny about viewing my Etsy site and becoming "following" my blog. :) I will definitely be following yours. Your look in the orange romper inspired me so much that I wore a jumpsuit yesterday. I will be posting tomorrow. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think.


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