How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - Bold

You might think I am talking about the my clothes being BOLD.
But that is not what I am talking about.
I am talking about my shooting locations
being BOLD.
Usually, I shoot in alleys, where no one can see me.
But yesterday, I shot in public.
I was drawn to this bench.

No advertisement.
Just flowers.

I wanted a picture of me on this bench

Took a few more shots and this man sat down
I asked "do you want to take a picture with me?"
He said "yes"

I love talking to people
I can talk to anybody
And I love when they can talk to me
I notice sometimes, when I am alone, I feel "lonely"
Even in Los Angeles, where you are surrounded by so many people
you can still feel alone
The best thing to do when you feel that way is
strike up a conversation with someone
you don't have to know the person
it does not have to be a deep conversation
Interacting with others caresses your heart and soul

Throughout the day, I took other photos

These were in the alley :)
If you were wondering, yes, I ride my bike
even if I am wearing a dress

A-line strapless dress - thrift store
Moroccan leather purse - flea market
flat sandals - DSW
Handstamped cuffs - MY PEACE of jewelry
Brass Antiqued earrings - MY PEACE of jewelry

Everyone have a great weekend
Don't be afraid to talk to people

Handmade Jewelry & Mannequins


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