How I Wear MY PEACE of jewelry - harem pants

Layering MY PEACE of jewelry

Borderline Harem Pants from Urban Outfitters.
Bought online for $10 bucks.
I say "borderline" because the crotch is not all the way down to the knees.
I might be a colorful dresser, but somewhat restrained.

Harem pants gone wrong

These might be comfortable to wear around the house but not meant to be seen in public.

These just make you look indecisive.
Do you want to wear a skirt or pants?
Make up your mind!

If you are hippy and have a butt (which I have both),
then you got to be careful in the types of harem pants you wear.
The higher the crotch the better and not a lot of loose fabric around the hips.

Funktional Asymmetric Harem Pants in Classic Denim by
Photo credit
Having established what not to wear and what to wear.

MY PEACE of jewelry is a highly recommended what to wear.

I paired 3 necklaces to create one funky mish mash of mixed metals.
I love mixing the necklaces and see what it creates.
It does not have to look perfect.
In fact, I don't like perfect, because nothing is perfect.
Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

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